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Jan. 14

Find the mean, median, mode, range, and outlier of the follow data sets:
A. 23, 17, 24, 16, 23, 23, 7, 27, 22, 28
B. 7, 14, 8, 11, 8, 12

Find the prime factors of 42 using a factor tree.

January 12th

Find the mean, median, mode, range, and outliers for the following data sets:

A. 1, 9, 7, 3, 4, 6
B. 48, 8, 2, 10, 2, 5, 5, 7, 9, 4
C. 23, 24, 24, 29, 75

January 8th

1. You are shopping at a store that charges 6% tax. You have a coupon for a 10% discount on everything you buy. Which way would you prefer the to have your bill computed - tax first or discount first? Expalin your thinking.

2. A newspaper article claims that 15% of people eat out each night in Athens. There are 50 000 people in Athens, and there are 25 restaurants. Do you think the newspaper article is correct? Show all of your work and explain your thinking.

January 5th.

1. Find three numbers that have a G.C.F. of 6.

2. Find three numbers that have a L.C.M. of 24.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Quiz October 2nd

The following will be covered on the quiz:

halfing and doubling
expanded form
expanded notation
written form
scientific notation
place value
coordinate grid
factored form
cubed / squared

If you have any questions ask them here on the blog. I will answer them here.


Ronny Singh said...

For cubed, will there be questions like, 65 to the fifteenth exponent?

Because thats a bit hard to do without much room.

65 X 15 = 975 X 15 = 14625


Ronny Singh

argie said...

mr isfeld. How do you do scientific notation with a number with a decimal and its more that 6 digits such as 4756.981???

argie said...
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argie said...

on the test for place value if you say "what place is the 9? in 2534.897"
can you just put the hundredths or do you have to put 9 hundredths???

Althea E. 7-72 said...

what do we do in factored form? do we do it like this.....eg.
5*5*5 or do we do the whole thing???like this..eg.5 to the power 0f 3=5*5*5=125???


Althea E. 7-72 said...

i have another question...in scientific part do we do it like this..2468.101?

2.468*10 to the power of 3 or
2.468 101*10 to the power of 3

Althea 7-72

aHerrera said...

on the last quiz number 14, how did you get 2500? from the question "1.0x10 to the exponent of 6 + 2.0 x 10 to the exponent of 4+ 3.0x 10 to the exponent of -1"

Anonymous said...

on the last quiz # 14, is the answer
1 000 000 + 20 000 + 0.03
Because the guy who corrected my test DIDN'T EVEN PUT THE CORRECT ANSWER WHERE I GOT IT WRONG!

Mr. Isfeld said...

first of all there won't be anything like 65 to the exponent 15, but that is not cubed. Cubed is only any base to the exponent 3. Which would be 65 x 65 x 65 still hard but easier.

Mr. Isfeld said...

argie follow the rules id significant numbers 1 to the left of decimal multiply by 10 and determine exponent by how many times the decimal has moved.

Mr. Isfeld said...

argie you would say hundredths that is the place 9 hundredths is the value.

Mr. Isfeld said...

factored form looks like this
5 x 5 x 5 that is all you need to do.

Mr. Isfeld said...

althea your second answer is correct for scientific notation

Mr. Isfeld said...

number 14 is not 2500 show me your quiz perhaps their was a error in the marking process.

Ralph 7-72 said...

What is the sum of a squared number?
3 squared = 9
Is that correct?

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